The Association of Restructuring and Insolvency Experts (“ARIES”) has been formed in the Channel Islands as a professional body for those practising, or interested in, restructuring and insolvency. ARIES is offering membership to solicitors and advocates, accountants and financial advisors, business turnaround consultants, lenders, investment bankers, trustees and others with an interest in the fields of restructuring and insolvency. 

ARIES is a member of INSOL International, a world-wide federation of national associations for accountants and lawyers who specialise in restructuring and insolvency and which has over 9,000 members globally.   To access the INSOL International Member Association Report, 2014 End of Year Report, click here.

ARIES will provide a forum for professionals to meet and discuss current technical, legal and regulatory issues facing the industry and will provide opportunities for networking with business recovery and insolvency specialists in the Channel Islands.

ARIES objectives are to serve its members by:-

  • Providing an interactive and professional forum for insolvency minded professionals;
  • Promoting collective leadership to Channel Islands restructuring and insolvency experts and to be the industry’s pre-eminent voice;
  • Promoting the Channel Islands on the world stage via the proposed affiliation with INSOL International; and,
  • Assisting with development of sound practices, facilitating the exchange of knowledge amongst members and to liaise with those within the wider financial industry, institutional investors, media, regulators, governments and other policy makers in the Channel Islands.

Tim Le Cornu, Managing Director of KRyS Global and member of the ARIES Executive Committee, says “the establishment of ARIES has been warmly welcomed by the professionals practising insolvency in the Channel Islands with all of the major accounting and law firms actively supporting its formation.  ARIES will provide an additional avenue of representation in the field of restructuring and insolvency, training and professional development and a formally organised body for Government and regulators to discuss matters of mutual interest.”

"ARIES will provide a helpful focal point for professionals working in the fields of recovery and insolvency across the Channel Islands, reflecting the Channel Islands' position as major centres of cross-border financial activity and their unique laws and practices in these areas" says Advocate Edward Drummond of Bedell Cristin, a member of the ARIES executive committee and one of the editors of “Jersey Insolvency and Asset Tracking" (4th Edition).